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Androrat Download. The best android remote-administration tool introduced every with a wide range of functionality. It includes Androrat APK and Androrat Binder.

Remote-administration tool (RAT) is a programmed tool that allows a remote device to control a system as if they have physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, “RAT” software is usually associated with unauthorized or malicious-activity.

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Androrat is an android based remote-administration tool which is a very powerful in it’s kind. Androrat is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client side which is Androrat APK and in Java/Swing for the Server. The name Androrat is a mix of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool). It’s a remote administration tool that allows to control mobile devices remotely with a computer.

This was developed by the university students as a part of their project which went beyond that university project, and got popular in hacking smartphones remotely with Androrat Tutorial.

Androrat Main GUI

Androrat GUI

Androrat is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool which is very easy to work with. A simple double-click on a client open his window to interact with any of the connected client. All the connected clients appears in a window like shown below. This client list automatically gets updated when a new user connects or is disconnected. In the log panel beneath the client list, shows all the connection logs.

Following screenshot shows what you can do with a connected user. All the actions you can play with are available in the client window which is articulated around tabs. All the commands are categorized in the top tabbed menu. The default tab is called Home and provide various functionalities. First as we can see in the left scroll view all the information about the client like carrier infomartion, battery status, network detailed status, sensors status etc. On the right there is the option which allow remotely to change the configuration of the client like the ip and port to connect to, either or not wait a trigger to intent server connection etc. Finally quick actions can be performed in this tab like a toast message, do vibrate the phone or open an URL.

Androrat Client

Features of Androrat

  • Androrat APK (Create and install androrat APK into the target phone and monitor it remotely on the go).
  • Androrat Binder (Bind the Androrat APK with any Android app, so no one can know what they are installing).
  • Get contacts complete info (It will get all the contacts of the target’s phone and you can view any of the contact you like to.)
  • Get all logs (Retrieves complete incoming and outgoing calls record of the target phone).
  • Monitor messages and other conversations (It’s the one of the most powerful and handy thing that you can read all the conversation messages and keep an eye over the person you want to. It gives you control over the target conversation and messages so you can make sure, no one’s playing with your relationship or also can check your kid’s activities).
  • Find out the Location by GPS/Network (Track the target phone pin-point location using the GPS feature of Androrat)
  • Check out Browser History (Dive into your kid’s browser history and keep an eye to make sure they are not on the wrong track).
  • Monitoring received messages in live (Monitor the live messages target receives, it keeps up to date with the messages coming in right away).
  • Monitoring phone state in live (Monitor when the phone is in busy state like calling or not and when it’s idle. Whose calling right now or missed call. Be in touch with complete call record live going on).
  • Take a snapshots from the camera (This is one of the best feature I used, you can take photos from the camera of the connected victim. All the captured photos will be sent directly to you within just few moments).
  • Stream sound from microphone and media played. (You can listen to the microphone live to stay updated what’s going on there and what are the talking about. Even it let you hear the media player music).
  • Streaming video (Stream live video from the victim’s phone and see what are they doing right now and where they are. This is the best way to catch a liar).
  • Do a toast (It is used to prompt a message over the phone. You can send anything in a do a toast you want to).
  • Send text messages (It gives complete control over the sending messages from their phone. They even won’t notice you sent a message remotely through their smartphone).
  • Make a call (Can also make calls from the victim’s phone remotely).
  • Open an URL in the default browser (Open any website in the user’s browser).
  • Check out installed Apps (Keep an eye over all the installed applications in the phone).
  • Do vibrate the phone (To make fun out of it, just vibrate phone to make them wonder how it’s happening).

Androrat APK

Creating an apk is quite easy. You just don’t need to do alot of stuff. It’s size will be just a tiny like 100kb. It won’t take that much space of the phone so victim doesn’t gets any idea if there’s anything wrong with it. Once AndroratAPK gets installed to victim’s machine. You are in total control of their phone. You can do with anything you like to using the androrat client panel. All the above mentioned controls are in your hand now. Just play your game now.

Androrat Binder

Androrat binder creates and binds the apk for your victim machine. You can create a simple androrat apk by just entering your simple information which are shown in the androrat tutorial you can follow. Just fill out the fields and you have APK for your victim to install in their phone. To get around the fear of being captured by the victim for suspicious installation activity, Androrat Binder have a great feature to bind the androrat apk with any other regular apps like WhatsApp etc. In this way, you just simply send the binded app to the victim and he even won’t be able to see that it’s binded with your androrat apk and when he installs that WhatsApp apk you sent them, your binded androrat apk will automatically get installed.

Androrat Download

Androrat download in complete download available. Just download the androrat and extract androrat setup to start working with it. It contains all the necessary components of the it, including androrat apk and androrat binder in it.

Click to download Androrat APK.

You can also follow a step by step Androrat Tutorial.

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