5 menus that should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

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Empty stomach, do not eat these 5 menus!

On an empty stomach, there are many foods that are forbidden to eat. Whether it’s beer, soft drinks, sour things. but. aside from these things There are still other menus. Unthinkable that it’s forbidden to eat on an empty stomach as well! ทางเข้า ufabet


There is a large amount of magnesium in bananas. which will surely affect to heart patients But for people who do not have heart disease, eating bananas on an empty stomach is not good as well. because it causes flatulence And if it’s breakfast, it makes me sleepy early in the day.

spicy food

It’s like eating something sour. to hurt the stomach The spicy food will stimulate the digestive system. Destroys the mucous coating of the stomach And may cause stomach pain.


Although yogurt is rich in probiotics. which are good bacteria for the intestines but if eaten on The hydrochloric acid secreted by the destroys the good bacteria. Let all these die. or less Therefore, it is better to take after meals.


You shouldn’t eat a lot of sweets. In the first meal of the day because it will accelerate the pancreas to work harder Even after taking a break for several hours there


Many people may be wondering. when vegetables are good and useful So why shouldn’t you take it on an empty stomach? That’s because the fiber of rough green leafy vegetables makes it difficult to digest. May cause heartburn, stomach pain, so it is better to eat green leafy vegetables in the afternoon.