How to use ginger safely?

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Ginger, when used as a cooking spice, is generally believed to be safe. But for some people, eating ginger may cause side effects such as stomach discomfort. have gas in the stomach Heartburn, diarrhea and reports of more menstrual bleeding than usual in some women. Applying to the skin is probably safe if used appropriately for a short period of time. But it can be irritating in some people. However, you should still be especially careful when using or eating in the following cases:UFABET

  • Several studies suggest that pregnant women may be able to consume to relieve morning sickness without harming the baby. The risk of abnormalities in the fetus is no more than 1-3 percent, and ginger does not appear to result in a risk of premature birth or low birth weight. But there is concern that it may increase the risk of bleeding. Experts therefore recommend that ginger should not be used near the time of delivery. and must consult a doctor before deciding to use
  • Eating ginger while breastfeeding isn’t reliable enough to confirm that it’s safe. For safety, it is best to avoid it.
  • Eating might increase your risk of bleeding. People with bleeding disorders should use with caution.
  • Diabetics should be careful when consuming ginger. Because it may cause insulin and blood sugar levels to drop. And it may be necessary to adjust the dosage of diabetes medication by a doctor first.
  • Eating too much can make existing heart problems worse.
  • It has been suggested by some experts that ginger might increase bile flow. Patients with gallstone disease should use it carefully.