NCDs Chronic diseases are easier to prevent than to cure.

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The lives of people today have many factors that result in various diseases. Whether it’s environment, stress, lifestyle, including food. that if in a hurry Or at work. There may not be many options. In the end, you have to eat food that increases the risk to your body. And became a source of disease. especially among NCDs or chronic non-communicable diseases

But caused by lifestyle behavior eating behavior Until becoming a chronic disease that is difficult to treat or in some diseases. Some patients may be incurable again for the rest of their lives.

for chronic non-communicable diseases such as coronary heart disease High blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, dementia and cancer.

There are reports that In Thailand, there are 400,000 deaths from NCDs in 2022, an average of 1,000 people per day, and it also causes economic losses of 9.7% of GDP. ยููฟ่าเบท

The top 3 NCDs that cause the most loss are diseases that can be prevent by changing dietary habits, namely cancer. Cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

But living in the present makes people unable to choose to eat much. causing the following problems: fatty deposits in blood vessels causing poor blood circulation Until leading to various diseases such as clogged arteries high blood pressure In addition, cooking spicy food as you like. It causes diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, so choosing to eat. Including looking for vegetables and herbs to help is therefore important.

The Thai vegetables and herbs that will help in preventing NCDs must have important properties. Help control fat. lowering blood sugar excrete toxins from the body Including antioxidants that inhibit cell transformation to prevent the occurrence of cancer

Important nutrients to support health

Even today there are many disease-causing factors. But fortunately, we are rich in herbs that are very beneficial. with important nutrients that help prevent disease The main recommended transportation is

Gypenoside & Saponins  are essential nutrients found in Jiaogulan. Fat control effect and blood sugar Helps boost immunity

Lycopene is an important nutrient found in tomatoes. Contains antioxidants that are more powerful than beta-carotene. 2 times and 10 times more than vitamin E. Thus helping to slow down aging and reduce bad fat can reduce cholesterol But it has to be cooked tomatoes. To get a full pill of lycopene

Ubiquinol  is an improved form of the enzyme CoQ10. Provides protection and antioxidants In addition, it also reduces the accumulation of fat around the artery walls. which causes the walls of blood vessels to weaken and helps reduce cholesterol thus reducing the risk of heart failure

Ginseng Extract It is another herb that has been compared to a precious treasure of Korea since ancient times. The property is to help nourish and restore the deteriorated body to be stronger.

Resveratrol,  an important substance found in grape skin has insulin-like properties thus reducing blood sugar levels Reduce the blockage of fat in the blood vessels. Thus reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In addition, it is also an antioxidant, reduces inflammation, thus reducing the risk of cancer.

Such as ginseng extract or something that is difficult to eat. Like ripe tomatoes and most importantly If it comes from an unreliable source, it can cause disadvantages, such as Jiaogulan, although it has high benefits. But it is also a plant that absorbs poison from the soil. If the source is not known. It may cause the body to be poisoned by Jiaogulan as well.