“Reduced sodium fish sauce” and misunderstandings

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Reduced sodium fish sauce” and misunderstandings

It is true that nowadays people are addicte to salty-sweet-fatty tastes. Because it helps to enhance the flavor. It really makes food more delicious. But… these spicy flavors are the cause of many diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. high blood levels of tears And finally followed by “kidney disease”

Every year, there are an increase of 15,000-25,000 people with kidney disease. If 80-90% of people’s kidneys are damage, they won’t know ufabet https://ufabet999.app at all. Because there are no signs of any cause at all. Therefore, we should have a physical exam every year.

But the issue that I would like to raise and tell is about “Fish sauce reduces sodium”

Think quickly when “reducing sodium” is probably a good idea to use to reduce the risk of eating salty foods. But if you read the label on the bottle, you will find the message: “?Using potassium chloride salt is not suitable for patients with kidney disease?”

“Potassium chloride” is use to give a salty taste instead of sodium. It may actually make consumers reduce their intake of salt. But for people with kidney disease Already have problems expelling waste products from the body Either sodium or potassium chloride causes the kidneys to work harder. And when potassium accumulates in large amounts in the kidneys There will be numbness in the arms and legs. which if very heavy May cause the heart to stop beating.

“This does not mean that Fish sauce reduces dangerous sodium. But for kidney disease patients, it is better to use methods to reduce sodium intake.”