Tips for a good figure like idol Beautiful body like a Korean girl

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Tips for a good figure like idol Beautiful body like a Korean girl

1. Eat to reach your BMR.

 We’d like to open with a secret that is an important key to losing your figure first. This method is to eat up to your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) or the minimum energy your body needs each day. Eh! Aren’t you supposed to eat a little? I have to tell the ladies directly that many Korean stars also use the method of eating less. But this method risks causing the metabolism to break down. Not suitable for long term use And it’s not good for health either. So some people have nutritionists. The trainer sets up a food program and prepares a menu for you, which not only provides complete nutrition. It also helps the body get enough energy. No risk of yo-yo and subsequent health problems. 

2. Choose complex carbohydrates.

The next secret of Korean idols Whether it’s the girls from Blackpink, Le sserafim, they haven’t completely cut out the carbs, ladies. But choose to eat good starches or complex carbohydrates. These are unrefined starchy foods such as brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat, potatoes, taro, cereals, etc. because they help keep your stomach full and full. It takes a long time to digest. Plus, it’s absorbed more slowly than other rice flours. Therefore, it does not cause blood sugar levels to spike. appetite Wanting to eat fussy things also decreases. It also has dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for the body.

3. Protein must reach

Ladies, who still thinks that eating protein will make you slim? As tough as King Kong! Let me tell you, it’s not true, it’s not true! Because protein is a nutrient that when eaten makes us feel fuller for longer. The important thing is that it helps build muscle. body repair When the body has increased muscle mass, it is like a fat burning furnace. As a result, ยูฟ่าเบท our metabolism can work more. Moreover, in the process of protein digestion The body must extract a high amount of energy to use. Therefore, it is another way to help stimulate metabolism. For foods that are high in protein, including chicken breast, eggs, fish, etc., I guarantee that if girls Eating enough protein will definitely keep you in good shape.

4. Sweet, fried oily desserts, eat them until you’re hungry!

Anyone who is a Bakery & Fast Food Lover is secretly worried about creating a lean body. Idol models must abstain from all of these foods! Don’t have to worry at all. If it’s to the point of refraining from strictness like some female idols. I believe that many people must go through penance. Eat until you gain weight. Therefore, the best way is to take the middle route. Ladies, you can eat, but only in moderation or when the craving is gone. This method will also help the body not be stressed. There is no risk of yo-yo or Binge eating following. It also helps girls. You’ll also have the encouragement to stay lean for a long time. Good, right?

5. Pilates & Yoga Fly 3-5 days/week

Want to have a good figure, beautiful muscle lines, lean and firm, and look slender all over your body? You must try Pilates or Yoga Fly 3-5 days a week. Both of these exercises are very popular among K-pop idol girls, including Jennie, Rose, Blackpink, Wonyoung IVE, and more. Many people, with the most popular types being Pilates using Caldilac, Reformer and Barrel Chair machines. Pilates will focus on strengthening various muscles and helping burn fat. and increase flexibility to the body Fly Yoga focuses on stretching muscles and joints. stimulate blood circulation Helps break down excess fat. make the shape firm Ready to adjust your personality to look better