Vermicelli can really help make us thin?

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Eating vermicelli helps lose weight

may have heard that If you want to be slim when ordering food, focus on vermicelli rather than rice. Because vermicelli makes us full longer. Plus it doesn’t contain flour. in fact Is it really what we heard? Today we will find the answer together.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rat Pichyangkul, Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, said that the vermiceli we saw there has passed the process of extracting protein and fat out Makes the vermiceli almost no protein and fat at all. But it still has 30 – 40 carbohydrates. Simply put, the vermicelli is pure starch. nothing to mix. ทางเข้า

For anyone who asks if it’s okay to eat vermiccli, will it help you lose weight or not, having to say that one of its features is Absorption of a lot of water Try to notice from the time you put it in the water. It quickly swells and swells.

Therefore, if we eat vermicelli, it will help us feel full faster. Because the body will absorb water from the vermicelli as well. Therefore, we will reduce the amount of starch consumption less than eating plain rice.

In 100 grams of vermicelli, it gives up to 172 kilocalories of energy. In this case, we soak it in water until it weighs 100 grams, but if we bring it dry, 100 grams will give up to 330 kilocalories of energy. 

We will clearly see the difference in energy received. Because, as I said, the vermiceli will absorb water well. Makes us full for longer and helps reduce appetite even more