What is nourishing cream?

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Nourishing cream is a product that adds moisture to the skin. Helps restore dry skin. Adjust skin color evenly Protect the skin from outside dirt. Relieves mild dermatitis symptoms. Reduce shallow wrinkles and helps condition the beauty skin before applying cosmetics. So nourishing cream is a product that girls should use and keep with them.

However, users should choose a nourishing cream that is appropriate for their skin type. There are many types and forms of nourishing creams available on the market. Including lotions, sprays, creams, and ointments. Which have different characteristics as follows:UFABET

  • Lotion suitable for hairy skin or areas affected by eczema. Because the lotion has a light texture. Makes it easy to spread But there is relatively little concentration.
  • Cream: The cream is not too greasy and can be quickly absorbed into the skin. Therefore suitable for use during the day.
  • Spray is suitable for spraying hard-to-reach areas of the skin. and skin that is inflamed or infected, which should not be touched with hands
  • Beeswax is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Because most of these creams do not contain preservatives and are also highly concentrated. When applied to the skin, it may feel oily and slippery. Therefore, it should be used before going to bed and should not be used on skin affected by eczema.