What is the origin of yogurt?

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What is the origin of yogurt?

Yogurt is considered one of the fermented foods. This is because it is made by taking ‘milk’ from animals or plants and fermenting it with ‘bacteria’, a group that produces lactic acid (Lactic Acid Bacteria: LAB), which gives yogurt a characteristic of having a sour taste. It also causes the proteins in the milk to denature and coagulate until it becomes a viscous texture.

It sounds like spoiled, unappetizing food, but in producing milk must first be processed to destroy disease-causing microorganisms. That is, heat it with pasteurization. This destroys microorganisms such as yeast, mold and bacteria that https://ufabet999.app do not tolerate heat. This may cause us to have diarrhea or disease. Before adding 2 types of bacteria in the LAB group that do not cause disease or danger, namely ‘Lactobacillus bulgaricus’ and ‘Streptococcus. Thermophilus’ and then incubated at 42-45 degrees Celsius to allow bacteria to grow for 4-7 hours.

These two types of bacteria are groups of living microorganisms that are beneficial to the body.

What we know as probiotics (probiotic) which if eaten in appropriate amounts It will live in us in the digestive system. It is like a protector of the fighting pair and prevents us from being infected by bacteria that cause various diseases. such as diarrhea

It would not be surprising if the doctor would recommend that people take antibiotics to treat the disease. Turned to eating a lot of yogurt. Because antibiotics will destroy bacteria in the digestive system. Including the two guardian bacteria. Until it may cause the digestive system to become unbalanced. Eating yogurt can help us.

In conclusion, good bacteria in yogurt is an important advantage that makes yogurt popular. and has been produced and sold in many formulas all over the market today. But how do we choose to eat?

You know a lot of yogurts on the market.

Many yogurts on sale have different tastes, smells, and textures due to different ingredients, including the type of milk used. This can be either animal or plant milk. The ratio of the two types of bacteria added Some brands may add other types of bacteria that are not harmful. Or you may add other ingredients. Whether it’s fruit, jam, grains, including emulsifiers. stabilizer Flavor enhancers and colors as well.

If divided according to the face seen can broadly divided into 3 types: stirred yogurt, such as fruit yogurt, set yogurt, such as Greek and Bulgarian and ready-to-drink. which is made from different production processes But here we will tell you about 2 types that are currently the most popular:

– Greek yogurt 

is made by filtering and squeezing out almost all skim, water, and lactose. Until it becomes a thick and solid texture. It has a sour and astringent taste, is high in protein, and is very low in carbohydrates. Strong benefits But careful because Greek yogurt has 3 times more fat than regular and can sometimes be thickened with stabilizers. non-filtering You have to read the ingredients on the label carefully.

– Bulgarian yogurt 

It has a unique flavor because it is often made from sheep’s milk. And it comes from fermentation but not stirred. As for the brands that make this type on the market, they say that they use real bacteria from Bulgaria as the leavening agent.