Atletico Madrid moved up to 4th in the table.

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Atletico Madrid moved up to 4th in the table after scoring 3 goals. Beating Cadiz 3-2 in the Spanish La Liga football game on Sunday night.

Atletico Madrid has Antoine Griezmann play up front alongside Angel Correa. While Cadiz has Roker Marty in net with Gris Ramos. 

Cadiz started well, taking a 1-0 lead in the minute. Gris Ramos launched the ball from the right side and went to the far post. Lucas Pires charged close and made no mistake UFABET

The visiting team made it 2-0 after Heremias Ledesma’s long ball. Which the home defenders’ poor header turned into a floating ball into the penalty area. Roker Marty speed followed and bobbed away. Jan Oblak went through the goal.

Another 5 minutes later, Atletico Madrid scored Cesar Azpilicueta. Throwing the ball into the penalty area beautifully. Angel Correa headed in from 10 yards before the first half ended with this score. 

Starting in the first minute of the second half.

Atletico Madrid equalized 2-2 when Heremias Ledesma blocked a shot. Marcos Llorente bounced into the path of Naul Molina, who ran over and hit hard. One moment, sending the ball through the net with satisfaction. 

Atletico Madrid overtook the lead 3-2 until in the 66th minute, in the moment of changing the game from right to left before Saul Niguez cut into the middle for Angel Correa to easily score, there was nothing left for the second goal in This match also belongs to Correa.

At the end of the game in the 78th minute, Atletico Madrid had a chance to report again from the moment Samuel Lino passed the ball from the left to Antoine Griezmann, who carefully shot with the left. The ball has curved but hasn’t even touched the far post.

After that, at the end of the game, Atletico Madrid defeated Cadiz 3-2, increasing their tally to 16 points, 4th place in the table, 6 points behind Barcelona but having played 1 match less.