Martinez is dirty, not smooth, going to study again.

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Fans and social media alike Martinez have come together to pressure the English Premier League. To launch a retrospective investigation into Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez’s out-of-game attack on Patrick Mabford, Leeds players, the match drew 2-2 yesterday.

It happened towards the end of the first half as the two of them ruffled each other to the floor. The Argentine star player tried to get up first acted recklessly. But put his left foot upside down, pushed the stud button to the tip of the opponent’s spear chin. Until his head touched the ground then leaned on it again, having to lie down holding his head painfully 

Referee Simon Hooper did not see the incident. As well as the VAR controllers who checked and did not inform the black shirt on the field of any penalty. 

That led to criticism on social media that the game’s refereeing staff were flawed. and the uselessness of VAR to uphold accuracy on the pitch. UFABET

“How could that moment not be a red card? Martinez smashed Bamford’s chin with his studs and kicked him in the head repeatedly. The moment he got up…he knew what he had done best. How disgusting,” comments from @FoxFyrePhotos. 

Another @TheArsenalTom commented : “Amsterdam’s brutal Martinez escaped by punching his foot and leaning in Bamford’s face. The moment – VAR reviewed it and didn’t give a red card.” 

Or this one @Kiswili_10 “ Lisandro Martinez should have been fired for a trick on Bamford.” 

Incidentally, the rules of the English Premier League give the referee’s duty on the field a priority. Therefore, if Paul Hooper writes a report that he is aware of such incidents and lets go by himself. Any retroactive punishment attempts have been fruitless.