Rashford and Varan set up a leaky wall.

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Premier League network analyst Michael Owen contends Manchester United’s negligence in setting up a free-kick barrier to Marcus Rashford and Raphael Varane. Because if they miss it In the 65th minute, it would be over for Leeds.

The game at Old Trafford yesterday. United tried to break the egg 1-2 from Rashford in the 62nd minute. But then three minutes conceded a free kick in front of the 23-yard box, Brendan Aronson put two feet straight, diva kisses the stake. 

Assuming that moment, the score flowed 1-3. It was difficult for Erik Ten Hag’s team to recover the situation with points in the opinion of the former ‘Red Devils’ striker. This will have only important games waiting for you. 

Owen complained to the juniors. 

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe how they put up a wall like that.”

“Look at the way they stand that distance from each other, Varane and Rashford the wall is broken. The ball goes low through the hole and doesn’t go over the wall UFABET

“If it gets through the door The second type. That person tilted to dodge the ball and said that it was dead in shallow water, missing the six pigs. If the goal was really lost. It would have cursed harder

“You can’t do that. You need to be big, be brave enough to push the ball and fight against the ball against the wall – you can’t lean on the side of the ball.” 

“Consider surviving. From now on I have to go back and look at the record and tell myself – That’s embarrassing. must not happen again.“ 

United ‘s defensive game began to show problems. Because there were no clean sheets in 5 consecutive league games and then had to visit ‘ Yung Thong ‘. And then deal with Leicester, two teams with aggressive form again.