Roma chief Pinto insists Mourinho work without problems.

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Roma sporting director Thiago Pinto has insisted there is no conflict with Jose Mourinho after allegations in recent transfer football.

Mourinho has often been frustrated and frustrated by the actions of Roma in the transfer market. Which is Pinto’s responsibility as sporting director. While the Portuguese coach has only the right to express his opinion.

Although earlier Mourinho was link with the opportunity to change jobs to manage the Portuguese national team after the 2022 World Cup. But the coach was sober-mind that the opportunity had already been rejected.

However, there was also news that Chelsea. UFABET The former club want to pull back to control the army for the third round. After the end of this season

“Obviously we know what happened. We are delighted that he has decided to continue working together. Because it means that he has a lot of faith in the club’s plans.

“People are always looking for conflict between me and Mourinho, but in fact we work together in the interests of Roma. We work as one team.”

“We always have European games that cause us problems. And We all know the stakes we have. Players who sign contracts are always base on the opinions of the coaches.”

“But not both Thiago Pinto and Mourinho have all the players they want. We cannot operate in such a marketplace.”

“I’m not afraid. I’m responsible for the players who didn’t play well with Roma, the players we sign and didn’t perform well. It’s my fault 100 percent.”

“We try to do our best. If something goes wrong I am responsible.” Pinto said.