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Chelsea and LAFC are nearing a lease-loan agreement Aubameyang.

Chelsea and LAFC are nearing a lease-loan agreement. Pierre-Emerick-Aubameyang has moved from the English Premier League to experience a new season in the US Major League Soccer 2023. Guardian Sports reports that LAFC’s negotiations with Aubameyang have made significant progress. Only a few details remain.  The 33-carat

Jadon Sancho perseverance in turning disappointment into power.

Talk Sports analyst Michael Gray has praised Manchester United forward Jadon Sancho perseverance in turning disappointment into power. Devoted to practice until the last time he scored an important goal to help the agency chase Leeds 2-2 yesterday. Sancho was plagued with injuries and confidence, which

Rashford and Varan set up a leaky wall.

Premier League network analyst Michael Owen contends Manchester United’s negligence in setting up a free-kick barrier to Marcus Rashford and Raphael Varane. Because if they miss it In the 65th minute, it would be over for Leeds. The game at Old Trafford yesterday. United tried

Martinez is dirty, not smooth, going to study again.

Fans and social media alike Martinez have come together to pressure the English Premier League. To launch a retrospective investigation into Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez’s out-of-game attack on Patrick Mabford, Leeds players, the match drew 2-2 yesterday. It happened towards the end of the

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