How to play Dragon Tiger card?

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The method of playing Dragon Tiger card has a method of playing that is very similar to Baccarat. But there will be some slight differences. Which if you want to know how this game is play. Let’s go and see.

  1. Within the game, players will be divided into 2 sides. Namely the player side and the banker’s side.
  2. The dealer’s side deals cards to all players. Only 1 card will be dealt per person.
  3. The bettor makes a bet on which side will have the most points on the cards. Which can bet according to the format specified by the game.
  4. Determine the amount of money to bet. can bet minimum Or may set a higher amount as need.
  5. Players on both sides turn over their cards. If the card of the side that the bettor bets on has more points. The bettor will win and receive the prize immediately UFABET 

You will notice that the difference between this game with baccarat card games. Is a baccarat card game that can draw more cards If the player has less than 6 points on the card. And Baccarat will have all 2 cards dealt. But the Dragon Tiger card game Return only 1 card per person and could not draw more cards.